Friday, 28 September 2012

Red Robins and Reindeer.

Hi again :)

First things first, I would like to say a big "thank you" to everybody who has been viewing my blog. It's really encouraging and the comments have been great. I am hoping to open an Etsy store some time soon with lots of crafty goodies. Stay tuned!

In my bid to be more organised this Christmas, I have made some more Christmas cards. In one of my recent posts, I came up with a really quick and simple design, (take a peek at them here), so I have carried the same design through, just used some different papers.

Card stock by American Crafts (crimson)
Papers & die cuts by Docrafts Papermania "Classic Christmas" designed by Stephanie Dymant
Other paper (very first layer) from my scrap box
Inks by Versa Color (cardinal and winter green)

I haven't seen too many red robins on Christmas paper. Good for something a bit different.

And another with some little reindeer - their antlers and legs at least :)

I also did some detailing on the inside of each card, but it didn't photograph too well. I have some really lovely wintry/traditional paper leftover from last year so might use some more of that next with a different design. Being in Australia, I am used to a roasting hot Christmas weather-wise, but the idea of a white Christmas has always appealed to me. One day :)

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Saturday, 22 September 2012


Welcome back everybody :)

Just a quick post before my husband hijacks the computer for a work trip....

My husband's family is Italian. Therefore we get invited to quite a few celebrations - the latest being a wedding. We won't be attending as it's interstate (and I have never actually met the couple so I feel a bit funny about going), but I have put together this little card to send on our best wishes.

I am still on my self imposed challenge to use up supplies I already have, so I tried to come up with something that tied in with the black and silver wedding invitation we received. I think I did OK. Simple and elegant.

Card stock by American Crafts (Ash)
The grey vellum and lovely embossed paper is from my scrap drawer so I am unsure as to the brands. 
"Congratulations" rub-on, pearls and grey grosgrain ribbon by Kaisercraft
Buckle by Christina Re
Silver ribbon also from my scrap drawer. 

This embossed paper is so pretty. I used it previously on some Christening invitations.

Well I am sure the bride and groom will have a lovely wedding day with jovial celebrations to follow.
I think my next project will be more Christmas cards - stay tuned. You can see the ones I made recently here.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Welcome back! :)

Did you know it is just under 14 weeks until Christmas? Before you know it, the shops will have all their Christmassy stuff out and decorations will be hung all over the place :) I love that part -  all the way from nativity scenes and little twinkly lights right through to giant Christmas trees and dancing Santa's.

As probably expected, I love buying wrapping paper and wrapping presents. Almost as much as making Christmas cards. I thought I might get started a little early because it seems that the closer you get to Christmas, the faster time goes.

Here's something to get me started...

A very simple and quick design. The bright colours and pattern remind me of how exciting and fun, but also how busy, Christmas time can be :) For this reason, I didn't add any extra embellishments, just a bit of inking. I think it works.

Card stock by American Crafts (Moss).
Ink by Versa Color (Winter Green)
Paper by Crafter's Choice paper pad (Cute Christmas).
And some scrap Christmas paper from my stash (the red paper behind Santa).

And some detail for the inside. These cards measure 14cm x 14cm so there is still plenty of room to write your "Season's Greetings".

And another, using some slightly different paper.

And inside.

How fun! I could have made a million of these...well, maybe not a million...but you know what I mean. I have quite a varied selection of Christmas paper in my stash so I might try this design again, but with completely different paper. Will keep you posted :)

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hi again :)

When I was little, my mum started a bit of a tradition - without even realising it. Every year, usually the night before my birthday, either in person or over the phone (when I was older) she would say..."tomorrow you'll wake up and you'll be 10! (or whatever age I was going to be) And you'll never be 9 again!". As a child, that's kind of exciting. You always want to grow up, be older and do the things you can't or aren't allowed to do. So when I was younger, this statement was met with excitement. However, once it started including numbers in the late 20's and then a couple in the thirties, this was met with less excitement and more...I don't know be honest I now have to stop and think of my age. Firstly because my mum is no longer here to tell me, and secondly because time just seems to be going at a million miles an hour. That's life huh? Literally.

Early next month my youngest niece turns five. Five years old. Her whole life is just five years old. It doesn't seem all that long, does it. I am struggling to remember my fifth birthday. I don't have any photos of it to remind me. I think it may have been the year I had a Cookie Monster cake. Not sure. I also had a Cookie Monster cake when I turned joke :)

My niece loves cats. To the point where they now just relent and go all floppy when she picks them up and drags them to where-ever :) Last year I made her a card with "cat" paper and some furry embellishments. This year I made another cat card using the scraps.

And here's a picture...

Card stock by American Crafts - not sure of the colour as it was a scrap.
Paper by Pebbles Inc, "Cat's Meow" & "Cat-i-tude". 
Ink by Versa Color (Paprika) and a pretty red from my stash.
Mini stick on lettering by Kaisercraft.
Corrugated card from my scrap box.
Tapestry yarn by DMC #801.
Buttons purchased at Spotlight.

I used a piece of corrugated cardboard as a backing as it reminded me of a scratching post :)

Some cute buttons and yarn for a bit of detail - or something for my niece to pick off :)

And a little something for the inside.

I hope she likes it. I'm very much looking forward to her birthday party. It's a Gymnastics Party! I might even manage a cartwheel or two :)

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bathtime...Fabric as Paper.

Hi again :)

Even though I am not a seamstress, a quilter, a patchwork person or sewer of any shape or form (at this point in time - you never know), I love fabric. I love the patterns, the colours and the feel. I think it stems back to when I was a little girl and spent school holidays with my Nana. She was always sewing, knitting, spinning wool, cutting up a pattern, crocheting, quilting, bias binding this and darting that. You name it, she did it.

As her only granddaughter, she would "just rustle up" a skirt, a dress (sometimes made by cutting up another dress), a basket of scrunchies or a cute top. It was her thing. It was what she was known for her whole life and she was amazing at it. When she passed away, I was lucky enough to keep her sewing machine......yeah, I know....what am I going to do with it? Well, at the moment, it's in storage but if in the future I don't learn to sew, I'll display it. She used a beautiful black Singer 201K and it's just too lovely an antique to be kept tucked away. They are renowned for being among the best sewing machines ever made and were quite expensive. If you'd like to read more about them (I did and was quite surprised), you can do so here .

A couple of times in the past, I have bought quilting fabric just because I liked it. I liked the way quite different patterns could somehow be combined through colour. I knew I probably wouldn't use it, or if I did, it wouldn't be for a long time. But recently I thought, how can I incorporate fabric into paper craft? If I treat the fabric like paper, how hard could it be?

I came across some cute rubber duckie quilting material and thought that maybe I could use it in my friend's baby album....a bath theme...something like that...

Here's what I started with...

and after adding water and bubbles...

Paper by Sugar & Spice Studio
Card stock (rain) and foam lettering (subway, powder) by American Crafts
Material by Fat Flats (Ducky Bath Yellow)
Buttons by Basic Grey
Ink by Versa Color (Baby Blue)

I bought myself a fabric roller cutter. Those things are great! I left the little loose threads as they reminded me of a fluffy towel or bathmat.

Instead of using paper as a mounting platform, I just used the material instead.
The little duckie on the fabric matched the little duckie on my paper quite nicely :) Quack!
If you would like to see another example of fabric incorporated in paper craft, visit Deb's Craft Shed here Deb has made some gorgeous silk flowers for her latest card. Her cards are just lovely :)
Only two more pages to go in my friend's album. I'm looking forward to giving it to her. It's been so much fun to make.
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