Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Spring, Is That You?

Hi everybody :)

I could have sworn Spring peeked out from behind the clouds yesterday, just to tease us a little bit..."I'm just having a quick look to see how things are going...then I'm off for another few weeks".... It was an absolutely stunning day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing....I was missing Summer and one of my favourite places on Earth - Positano, Italy. Ahhhhhhhh....that is my reaction whenever I think about it, followed closely by a little pain in my heart because I love it so much.

So sitting on the little patch of grass I have in my yard, I leaned back on my arms, stretched out my legs, closed my eyes and off I went. I thought about the first time I went there and how it was such a lovely surprise after almost succumbing to travel sickness on the way. I thought about how I was there with a girlfriend and we were having an amazing holiday together, absolutely stunned by how beautiful this little village was. I thought about how my husband and I had spent four wonderful days in Positano as part of our Italian honeymoon....*sigh*.....

Some places just make you feel more like yourself. When you arrive for the first time, you are instantly in love, and when it comes time to leave, you are close to tears. There's not a huge amount to do there apart from relax. The wonderful food, wine and gelato makes that easy, along with the warm Summer sun, shopping, the little beach and the magnificent views. It is just so beautiful, it doesn't seem real.

When my husband and I were there, our plan was to stay for two nights, but we stayed for four. And still didn't want to leave. We would have lazy mornings, wandering in to breakfast which overlooked the ocean. strolling around Positano all day until we couldn't resist having an early dinner - eating slowly and just being. Our hotel didn't just have dessert, it had a dessert cart....you could choose as many as you liked....the best panna cotta I have ever tasted....yum....the days were warm, the nights were cool and I didn't even have to get out of bed to see the moon high in the sky and its beams bouncing off the water. I can almost smell the heady scent of jasmine in the air....oh hang on....that doesn't smell like jasmine....

Suddenly the sun dips behind a cloud and the cold air brings me back to my patch of grass. With a wince I remember I have put to good use the unseasonably warm weather and decided to get some air on my son's nappy rash - my son who is now squatting next to a plant pot producing something that does not smell like flowers... Having recently discovered the joy of chasey, he is off like a rocket after stepping where he shouldn't have, and the rest of it stuck to his little chubby bottom......*sigh*....

We will take him to Positano one day. I can imagine us sitting on the beach, sipping cocktails and watching him play in the sand. He'll eat as much gelato as he can fit in whilst his hair drips after a swim. After an early dinner he'll fall asleep watching the moon beams bouncing off the water...until then we'll just have to practice each Summer.

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