Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A tasty morsel for tiny teeth.

And now for something yummy...

My son is almost 14 months old but he has only cut two bottom teeth, with the two top teeth pushing their way through. Although he is dentally challenged, he does very well with eating solids and really enjoys feeding himself.
To be honest, I was getting a little tired of offering him the same purees and mashes and little cubes of this and that. If that's how I felt about it, he might like to try something new too.
What I had in mind was something tasty, texturally soft for sore teething gums, but which still held its form so he could pick it up to eat it. It also had to be quick or at least still turn out delicious if the cooking process were to be interrupted by little hands grabbing onto my leg...

I came up with these.....Potato & Spinach Balls.

I didn't measure anything, just boiled a couple of potatoes to make a thick mash, then mixed in a cube of defrosted spinach, some breadcrumbs, a bit of Parmesan cheese, then formed the mixture into balls and rolled them in breadcrumbs to finish. How easy!

My boy loved them...and so did my husband who wants me to make a big batch so he can deep fry them! Potato is such a good staple as you can add any number of other ingredients to keep it interesting.  This is also a good way of introducing new tastes to your little one's palate. Massimo has tried tuna but is not really a fan so I may reintroduce tuna to him by adding it to the potato.

There's an old folk remedy that says a toothache can be relieved by carrying a potato in your pocket. Short of tying a potato to my son, as his pockets are too small, hopefully these little soft pillows of goodness will give teething gums a rest. I'd love to hear about your finger food creations. Don't be shy.

Until next time we wander... :)

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