Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Mini Artist.

Hi again :)

With Spring in the air, we have had some really lovely, warm weather during the last week. It was the perfect opportunity to take my little boy outside and let him get messy with some finger paints. The last time he gave it a try, the weather was on the chilly side and he was about five months younger (he is 17 mths old now). We put him in the shower with a canvas on the floor, squirted some paint on there and let him go.  I was interested to see what he would do, and what he would create, now that he was older.

Well, he was certainly adept at putting his hands in the paint - good start - but being a few months older (and not trapped in a shower recess), he is now a lot more curious and once he'd gotten his hands all messy, he wanted to touch everything but the cardboard. So I had to assist him a little, and fast, and then he went off with painty hands and buried a crayon in the pot plant :)

In one of my previous posts, I made a birthday card for my niece's 5th birthday. You can see that birthday card here. Along with her cat obsession, she really loves her little cousin Massimo so I decided we would make his work of art into an additional birthday present.

Here is our group effort...

I have been wanting to do more with frames and fabric, especially felt and quilting material. This frame combines both of these, with my son's artwork as the centrepiece. 

Frame by Unigift 4x6"
Quilting fabric by Fabric Palette
Felt purchased at Spotlight
Card stock by Kaisercraft (ballet)
Paint by Tim and Jess
Apologies for the reflection....

Pretty colours by little fingers. 

The Mini Artist having a swing after his 30 seconds of creativity :) 
I made his little smock out of a piece of calico - just folded it in half and cut a circle for his head to pop through. Worked a treat and no sewing!

I plan on experimenting further with frames and fabric, just for something different and to stock up my Etsy store (which is not yet up and running). 
Coming up soon, some generic cards for little guys or big boys. 

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  1. An artist in the making! What a cute pressie for his cousin!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Thanks Tan. It was meant to be for her bedroom but it has been displayed in the lounge so everyone can see it :)



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