Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Happy Birthday Pop.

Welcome back :)

So, as suspected, I was madly finishing my Dad's birthday present this morning...as he was coming over at 1pm. At least this year I had a genuine reason for cutting it fine instead of just being disorganised. Our little boy had to have minor surgery last week which was not really expected. That meant all craftiness was put on the back burner until he was feeling better. He is soooo much happier now which is a great relief.

Here's how Dad's present turned out...

Ta-Dah! Happy Birthday Pop!

Frame by Treasured Memories.
Paper, "Snips & Snails" by Doodlebug Design Inc.
Chipboard lettering and paint (navy blue & grass green) by Kaisercraft.
Buttons purchased at Spotlight.
Ribbon purchased at Paper Flourish.

A nice pile of loose buttons and snips of ribbon at the bottom of the frame...also, if any of the others happen to fall off, it won't be so obvious :)

How fun! And Dad really liked it. I'll definitely be making more shadow box frames down the track. Lots of possibilities. Next project: to finish my friend's album...at the rate I'm going, her daughter will be at school before it's finished....

Thanks for dropping by :)



  1. So cute Abbey!!! Bet your Dad will love it. Those shadow boxy things are cool. I am about to start some frames for my reading corner at school, I really like all the buttony, ribbony thingies on it. (Are those technical terms?)
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Thanks Tan. You haven't even made the frames yet and I can't wait to see them! Shadow boxes are fab! You can put in anything that fits :)


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