Monday, 13 August 2012

Last Minute...Again.

Welcome back :)

Just like last year, at the last minute, I have decided to make my Dad a birthday present. Last year's effort was a scrapbook which I was still putting together on the day I gave it to him. This year, considering it's only 7 days until his birthday, I am being a bit more realistic and making a shadow box frame.

I am trying to use up supplies that I already have at home instead of doing what every crafter does - buys more to use "one day". I already had the shadow box, loads of blue and green buttons and some chipboard lettering. I dressed my son in a blue top and took some pics to choose from, then we headed to the paper shop to see what else we could find...remembering not to go overboard...

All we needed was some paper, paint and ribbon! Watch this space for all the details and to see the finished product - most likely on the day we are going to give it to Dad :)

Back soon!



  1. Ooooh how fab are you! I'd love to be crafty like's my Dad's birthday in September so I'll be pinching some ideas x

    1. Pinch away! It's all so much fun! The frame was super easy and didn't take too much time - good for busy mums :)


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